Stlth - Pro Pods (2/pk) Excise Tax


Exclusively designed to work with the STLTH PRO DEVICE, the STLTH PRO Pods offer an elevated flavour experience with new vertical mesh coil technology and an upgraded e-liquid capacity of 4 mL.

The unique nicotine formulation of STLTH PRO Pods is specially crafted for a supremely smooth experience, catering to adult smokers seeking a seamless transition from conventional tobacco products. Their convenient visible e-liquid design and soft tip mouthpiece provides an easy and comfortable user experience. Available in 15 flavours, each STLTH PRO POD PACK includes two pod cartridges.


  • Designed for the STLTH PRO Device
  • Visible E-liquid Design
  • Soft Tip Mouthpiece 
  • Integrated Vertical Mesh Coil For Superior Flavour Delivery
  • Includes Five Pod Packs Per Carton
  • Includes Two 4.0 mL Pod Cartridges Per Pack

ARCTIC MINT - A chilling blend of invigorating mint flavours that provides an exhilarating surge of icy freshness with every exhale.

BLUE RAZZ MELON ICE - Tantalize your taste buds with a symphony of tart blue raspberry and succulent melon, elegantly elevated by a refreshing frosty twist.

BLUE STRAWBERRY ICE - Ripe strawberries and tart blue raspberry meet a revitalizing surge of ice for a truly tantalizing fusion.

CAPPUCCINO ICE - A unique and captivating blend of velvety cappuccino and refreshing ice.

CITRUS FROST - An electrifying blend of citrus and ice that will awaken your senses and redefine refreshment.

DOUBLE PEACH ICE - A double dose of frozen peach perfection, where the irresistible sweetness of ripe peaches meets the exhilarating chill of an icy embrace.

FRUIT SPLASH ICE - A cascade of frozen fruits that will awaken your taste buds with a refreshing burst.

GOLDEN TOBACCO - A timeless blend of leafy tobacco, expertly crafted to transport you to an authentic realm of flavour.

GREEN GRAPE - A smooth and simple blend of crisp green grapes that will leave you wanting more.

LUSH ICE - Succulent notes of ripe watermelon uplifted by a frosty breath of arctic exhilaration.

MANGO PINEAPPLE PEACH ICE - A succulent trio of mango, pineapple, and peach elevated by a refreshing icy twist.

PEACH DRAGONFRUIT ICE - Ripe peaches meet the exotic allure of dragon fruit, all crowned with a refreshing icy touch.

RASPBERRY LEMON LIME ICE - Ripe raspberries and the zesty twist of lemon and lime meet in a refreshing icy symphony!

RAZZ CURRANT ICE- An irresistible blend of tangy raspberry and bold black currant infused with ice.

STRAWNANA ORANGE ICE -A summery fusion of ripe strawberries, creamy bananas, and zesty oranges meets a refreshing kiss of ice.