STLTH - MOFO Pod Pack (3/Pk) | Excise Tax


 Voltage - Charged with blue raspberry, citrus and ginseng.

 Sour Peach - Your favourite sour peach O rings.

 Pomegranate Aloe - A sweet mix between Pomegranate and Aloes.

 Pink Lemon - Tart and sweet pink lemonade.

 Double Rainbow - Candy Rainbow flavor.

 Raspberry Mix - A sweet Raspberry delight!

 Black Ice - A very icy fresh flavor!

 Funky Berries - A lot of berries, a lot of funky’s.

 Japanese Bull - The original energy drink.

Cool Honeydew - A very fruity honeydew melon flavor enriched with a sensation of freshness.

 King Tobacco - Classic tobacco, perfect strength, dried to excellence.

Mint Dream - A good creamy mint without the overwhelming and excessive freshness of too much menthol