Geekvape - Feather Cotton: 20Pcs/Pack

Geek Vape Feather Organic Cotton:

Now available for your RDA needs is the highly absorbent Geek Vape Feather Organic Cotton. This 100% Organic Cotton Fiber is intended for use as wicking material with any one your rebuildable atomizers. It measures 110mm long in total with tips that resemble shoelace ends measuring 15mm long and 2.5mm thick. These convenient stiff tips are in place so you can easily thread the cotton through any sized coil you may be using for your build. Simply insert the tip through the center of your coil and then pull the Geekvape Feather Organic Cotton about halfway through. After you have enough Cotton through both ends of the coil, trim off any excess Cotton and fluff up the remaining material protruding from the overall build. Then tuck the Cotton appropriately into the build deck and be sure to fully saturate it with e-liquid before use. Letting the Cotton absorb e-juice for a few minutes before applying heat to your coils will help prevent burnt flavored draws. For optimal wicking purposes, be sure to vape with the reliable Geekvape Feather Organic Cotton.

Geek Vape Feather Organic Cotton Features

  • 100% Organic Cotton
  • Agleted Ends for Easy Installation
  • Designed for 3mm I.D.
  • Sold in Packs of 20