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Freedom Dual Cart Vaporizer (Nova)

This pocket-sized battery is rechargeable with a USB port. Each mirage is coated with thermal reactive paint, so no need to be surprised if it changes color when heated up. It comes in two bright colors: orange and green. It has three heat settings along with a preheat mode. This 510 batter is a must-have.

  • New! 14mm/19mm male water pipe adapter attachment (heat-resistant material)
  • New! "Shift" feature - Auto-draw Mode or Button Press Mode
  • New! USB-C charging
  • Dual cart thick oil vape
  • Variable voltage heat settings
  • LED light heat level indicator
  • 15 second pre-heat function
  • Activate carts independently or simultaneously
  • Magnetic cartridge loading system
  • Product level viewing window
  • 650mAh battery
  • Voltage levels: Green - 2.8V, Blue - 3.2V, Yellow - 3.7V, Red - 4.2V

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