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SOC Concentrate / Wax Vaporizer

Product Description

SOC Concentrate / Wax Vaporizer a new world of vaping. SOC wax vaporizer is a water pipe style Concentrate / Wax Vaporizer and it is designed for a easy portable vaping experience, especially for those who want an upgrade from a standard vape pens. The pens cant filter the essential oil as well as this unit.

The wax atomizers are more efficient at working with batteries and can provide the guarantee of longer durability.  The SOC Concentrate / Wax Vaporizer has an efficient 2600 mAh Li-lon Battery which is very good and allows the burners to burn through as much vaporizing effect the user wants. There are four main temperature settings, allowing the users the flexibility to heat and burn at a level that is desired.

The products that are made of ceramic bowls are really nicely designed and very elegant to look at.   The product provides free cotton swabs so that you can clean the coils and other areas to make it run smoothly. The glass attachment can be removed from the ceramic bowl very easily and there is a proper guideline provided in the manual. On most occasions, the atomizer or the heating bowls may get extremely hot during operation. Before cleaning, make sure the atomizer or the ceramic bowl is completely cool. Never touch the bowl when it is too hot.

SOC maintains high-quality standards; and therefore are very careful about the product’s functionality when the manufacturing process is completed. In this regard, they do not distribute any of these items to the market if they don’t pass the quality control.

*Not for liquids or e-juice.


Long-lasting built-in 2600mAh battery
Approximately 2.5 hours for full battery charges
Lightning Warmup
4 Temp Settings: Led Light Indicator
Blue light (Small): 450F, Green light (Medium): 500F, Red light(Large): 550F, White light(XL): 600F
5 clicks to lock/unlock
3 clicks to select heat settings
Click once to check battery life
3 red flashes: indicates low battery
5 light flashes: indicates a short circuit
Red light holds: device overheated

What You Get:
1x SOC Base Vaporizer
1x Glass Attachment
1x Atomizer
1x Carb Cap
1x Atomizer Cover
3x Ceramic Bowls
3x Cotton Swabs
2x Alcohol Pads
1x Loading Tool
1x USB Cable
1x Wax Container
User Manual



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