Apple Drop ICE - Salts (30ML)

Apple Drop ICe Salt Nicotine (30ML)

Apple Drop Ice Salt is NOT intended for use in Sub-Ohm Tank systems. Apple Drop Ice Salt E-Liquid is intended for small pod systems. 

50% VG 50% PG

Nicotine: 12MG & 20MG

50% VG 50% PG


  • Berries:Delicious red and green sour apple tossed together with an assortment of delicious berries with ice
  • Double Apple:The classic pairing of red fuji apple and tangy green granny smith for that sour kick with ice
  • Watermelon:Juicy sweet watermelon accented with refreshingly crisp apples
  • PeachJuicy peach and sweet red apple blended with ice.
  • Grape: Tart apple and purple grape with a chilled exhale.
  • Crannberry: Tart cranberries blended with red apple and finished with ice.
  • Lychee: Tropical lychee and sweet red apple served with ice.