Airistech - Herbva: Nokiva Digital Dry Herb Vaporizer

By Airistech


Airistech Nokiva baking vaporizer pen used for dry herb baking, with digital OLED screen that displays temperature and battery condition. Full ceramic chamber.


Capacity & Outout 2200mAh Li-polymar Battery, 4V
Lock/Unlock Press 5 Times
Heating up Time: 20 Seconds
Safety Run Time: 5 Minutes
Charge time: 2-3 Hours
Safeguard: Dual PCB/IC Protection
Temp Control up to 435F or 224C


In The Box:

1x Dry Herb Device
1x Glass Mouth Peice
1x Micro USB Charger
1x Cleaning Brush
1x Dab Tool
1x User Manuel 


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