IVG E-Liquid - Bubblegum Millions (60ML)

By IVG E-Liquid

$19.99 $29.99
The best way to enjoy a cube of soft, sweet bubble gum is by putting two in your mouth at a time for the ultimate amount of boldness and the biggest bubbles. Bubblegum Millions is going to give you the same sensation as if you were able to somehow fit a million pieces of bubblegum into your mouth at once and feel their candy like flavor burst into your mouth. If we had enough room in our mouths to do that we most definitely would but unfortunately we can't so having a blend like this on the scene is the only way that we are going to find that over the top satisfaction that we thought could only be accomplished in our dreams. This has one of those distinct tastes that absolutely everyone knows and whenever you are able to load it into your tank for a vape session, you are going to be immediately taken back to the past. You know those good old days where you would spend all of the pennies in your piggy bank on treats from the local neighborhood candy shop and sneak pieces of scrumptious bubble gum into your mouth whenever the teacher wasn't looking in your direction? There's just something about that playfully mischievous attitude you get when you're able to soak in those flavors from the past that adds a little special something into your days. IVG E Liquid produces absolutely fabulous vape juice blends that are all packed with irresistible, intense flavor profiles that make a lasting impression. Made with top shelf ingredients by a production team that has a real skill and talent for making great juices. Bubblegum Millions is that classic, distinct bubblegum flavor that holds a special place in so many of our hearts.
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