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Patented Air Flow System
Advanced Heating Chamber
Soft Touch Grip
Sleek, Compact Design

    V3.0S Air

    The Flowermate V3.0 AIR is a 3 in 1 aromatherapy device for dry herbs, oil and wax. The heated air is not drawn through all the electronic parts of the device. The air inlet and the heating of the V3.0 Air lie directly underneath the dry herb chamber. The air inlet has been made bigger in size and the ceramic dry herb chamber has been expanded downwards. Much thicker vapor develops and the air inlet has been much improved compared to the previous model. No unwanted flavors develop as the hot air only flows through the heating chamber and not the electronic parts.

    The new oil/wax chamber is filled with organic cotton wick. Organic cotton is perfect for solid and liquid materials. Additionally, there is a dry herb chamber which is air vented on the sides and bottom and perfect for quick loading your V3.0 AIR. Simply put it inside ceramic chamber. This additional stainless steel chamber will soon be available in our range as a spare part next to the dry herb grinder loader which is especially designed for loading these chambers.

    The water pipe adapter included in the delivery makes the V3.0 Air usage with other water pipes seamless. The adapter fits on all water pipes with standard grinding SG 14, 19, male and female.

    The mouthpiece is made of borosilicate glass.

    Flowermate products are known for their sturdy builds. The new V3.0 Air has an aluminum shell with leather hand grips that have chrome trim on the black or copper for the white.

    The single button design keeps things simple like with all Flowermate devices. Load the chamber. Press the button 5 times to turn it on. Wait for the blinking light to turn solid and you are good to go. The temperature is adjusted by holding the button for 3 seconds. That’s it! The V3.0 Air has three settings: blue 196° C/385° F, purple 204° C/400° F, and red 213° C/415° F. It turns off automatically after 5 minutes without use.

    V3.0S Air Includes:

    1 V3.0 Air
    1 Water Pipe Adapter
    1 Borosilicate Glass Mouthpiece
    1 Liquid / Waxy Chamber(Organic cotton inside)
    1 Medium Stainless Steel Pod
    3 Stainless Steel Screens
    1 Dabber Packing Tool
    1 Cleaning Brush
    1 USB Charging Cable
    1 Warranty Info
    1 User Manual

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